Birth Hypnosis: Helpful Or Hokey?

Birth Hypnosis Helpful Or Hokey TITLE

Hypnosis for labor relief… does it really help? When most of us think of hypnosis, often what comes to our mind is people unknowingly preforming embarrassing commands in front of a laughing audience. Thankfully that is not what hypnosis truly is.  Recently I was able to attend a 5 week BlissBorn class…

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Have The Baby Yet? & Other Annoying Texts Pregnant Women Get

Have The Baby Yet & Other Annoying Texts Pregnant Women Get

If hearing everyone’s birth horror stories, and offensive comments about pregnancy wasn’t bad enough, there is yet another social phenomena that pregnant women must endure…   Annoying text messages around their due date.   We know these are well meaning, but when they get the same obvious  texts from 10 different…

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