Have The Baby Yet? & Other Annoying Texts Pregnant Women Get

Have The Baby Yet & Other Annoying Texts Pregnant Women Get

If hearing everyone’s birth horror stories, and offensive comments about pregnancy wasn’t bad enough, there is yet another social phenomena that pregnant women must endure…


Annoying text messages around their due date.


We know these are well meaning, but when they get the same obvious  texts from 10 different people a day, it can start to wear on moms-to-be.

So in case you are thinking of sending one of these (seemly harmless) texts off, let me translate how this might play out in their mind.


“Have you had that baby yet?”

What we say: Not yet, we will let you know =)

What we want to say: Yes, he was actually born 3 months ago but I have been hiding him under my shirt in secrecy so I can continue to carry extra weight and keep these gorgeous cankles nice and swollen!


“OMG how are you still pregnant?”

What we say:  Not sure, hopefully she comes soon…

What we want to say: “What?! I’m still pregnant?!?! I thought this giant hemorrhoid I have been tending to was my little mini me… 


“How are you feeling?”

What we say: Alright, but ready to be done.

What we want to say: Pregnant. I feel 9 months friggen pregnant..unammused emoji


“Have you tried going for a walk?”

What we say: No luck with that yesterday.

What we want to say: Thanks Doctor Google, but I would much rather try a more enjoyable useless method of self induction like getting a pedicure.


“Feeling ready yet?

What we say: Yep.

What we want to say: Nah, I am really enjoying having my already compressed bladder head butted every few minutes. I think I will keep this whole thing going until I pee my pants in public *Fingers Crossed* 


As I said, these are usually sent out of well meaning curiosity.  So I apologize if I offended anyone with my sarcasm. I know you just want to strike up a conversation, or check in, your not doing it to frustrate them.

However, keep in mind text-ers that you are not the only one in contact with the mom-to-be and everyone else is wondering (and texting) the same things.  Each text is another reminder that they are still VERY pregnant.

So to soothe your curiosity… She is likely uncomfortable, more than ready to meet her baby, and will announce the baby’s arrival at a time of her own choosing.

If you know the answer to the question, don’t ask. Ask about something NOT end of pregnancy related.


To all the pregnant ladies… If you don’t like it, don’t put a ring(tone) on it.


If you are sick of being probed for info via annoying texts by friends and family members don’t feel bad ignoring the texts and calls. Just focus on taking care of you and that beautiful baby growing inside you. Rest assured he or she will come when they are ready and no one stays pregnant forever.

Or just post this meme and save some trouble:

pregnant texts meme

ms-icon-310x310About the author: Molly Seimears is a certified birth doula in Bellingham, WA. She lives in Whatcom County and is passionate about providing unbiased support and serving families in her community. A doula is beneficial for all birth types.

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