Birth. Judgment Not Included.

Birth Judgment Not Included TITLE

When it comes to judgment, I think we all can agree on this…

Everybody is entitled to their opinions, but often, it is best when we keep them to ourselves.

As we have discussed before in other blogs like 10 Easy Ways To Offend A Pregnant Lady, and Birth Your Way, Nobody Else’s, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, just about everyone seems to have a strong opinion that they feel they MUST share for the greater good.


Your having your baby where?!?!

Wait, you are actually choosing to be induced?

Wow that name is…. um, unique.

I told you wouldn’t be able to do it without the drugs!


No matter what you choose for your pregnancy and birth, there is always someone who makes it clear that they think you chose wrong. Friends, parents, even strangers on social media, everyone has their own biases.


Except me.


As your doula I provide unbiased and nonjudgmental support. My birth philosophy? To make you feel supported in whatever you choose.

Natural home birth…elective induction…epidural…VBAC…repeat c-section, the options are many. I support what you choose because I know you have chose it for a reason. If plans change in labor due to medical necessity or personal preference, I support and affirm your choices. Any changes become the new ideal birth we work towards.

 My pass or fail as a doula has NOTHING to do with what my clients choose for themselves.


An unmedicated vaginal birth, and a birth by cesarean, are equally victorious when the family feels they were respected and supported throughout the process.

I do not need to be your advocate. I know you are intelligent, and strong, and can make choices that are right for you.

I will not try and sway you to choose a certain option or ideal. What you feel is right for you, IS what is right for you.

I recognize every person and birth is unique and will attune to where you are at, emotionally and physically.

I support YOU. Without the judgment. Without an agenda. When I am supporting you, YOU are my birth philosophy.


ms-icon-310x310About the author: Molly Seimears is a certified birth doula in Bellingham, WA. She lives in Whatcom County and is passionate about maternity support and serving families in her community. Doula support benefits all kids of birth.

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