How Do I Get More Sleep With A New Baby?

how-do-i-get-more-sleep-with-a-new-baby-title-brandedIt is common knowledge that new parents don’t get much sleep with a new baby.

However, even with that preconception, I don’t think anyone is prepared for just how tired they will be those first few months as parents.

If this is not your first child, or you have gone back to work, you probably won’t have the luxury of taking a much needed midday nap. Catching up on sleep with a new baby gets put on the back-burner much of the time.

This early postpartum period, as precious as it is, can be hard on new parents. Our bodies were not made to run on sleep deprivation.

So how can you get more sleep with a new baby?

 Simple. Treat yourself to care of postpartum doula.


A postpartum doula can be a breath of fresh air for tried families. Imagine the feeling of security to have someone you trust keeping safe watch over your baby as you sleep deeply in between night feedings.

How much more restful would those stretches of sleep be without being worried about every grunt, squeak, and grumble your baby makes as they sleep?


When your baby wakes to feed, they will be brought to you diapered, and ready to nurse. After breastfeeding your baby, drift back to sleep as your doula soothes your baby back to bed.

Bottle feeding? Let your postpartum doula take the night shift as you restore and recover with a uninterrupted night sleep. Your wishes and feeding schedule are respected to maintain consistency and comfort.

baby-sleeps-in-mothers-armsYour doula is not only for keeping expert watch. When not attending to your child your postpartum doula may be folding laundry, tidying up, or prepping a nourishing breakfast to help fuel you for the day ahead. 

A postpartum doula’s role is to nourish the family so they feel bonded, confident, and equipped to nourish their baby. 

Even one night a week may help you feel a little more human again. More regular care could be what you need to feel back to your old self.

You can get more sleep with a new baby, let Birth Advantage Doula Services support you in the process.

Speak with a Postpartum Doula about supporting your family.


ms-icon-310x310Molly Seimears is a Certified Labor Doula and a Certified Childbirth Educator in Bellingham, Washington. She is on the path to becoming a Certifed Postpartum Doula so she can offer expert support from pregnancy to parenthood.

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