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why I chose to be  doula…

Growing up on a farm here in Whatcom County, I was always surrounded by birth. I anxiously waited for calving season, and all the eggs to hatch. I have many childhood memories of getting up with my mother in the middle of the night to check and see if the cattle needed assistance calving. I loved being a part of the birth process. Few things in life are more exciting than birth.

When my husband and I were expecting our first child my eyes were opened to the birth culture we live in. There is good and there is bad in this culture. There is support and there is judgment.

Between my two births I experienced both sides. The healing that came from experiencing my second birth filled with support confirmed that I wanted to be a doula. Everyone has their own experiences and vision for their birth, and I want to give other women the best advantage to achieve whatever birth they feel is best for their family.

No judgment. Just support, education, and encouragement.

my doula training…

first doula picturecert certificate jpegI trained through Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations at Bastyr University. This is an esteemed program created by some of the first pioneers in the doula world. This hands on training workshop prepared me to serve women and their families in pregnancy, labor and postpartum.

I earned my certification through ProDoula. It was an extensive process that I gained a great deal more knowledge and experience through. As a doula I feel that it is important to continually learn and add to your skill set. Therefore I have taken advanced training workshops in rebozo techniques and use of a TENS unit. I also had an exciting opportunity to do a Spinning Babies training taught by the founder Gail Tully.

With my teaching background before I became a doula, I decided to blend my old and new passions. I am now a Certified Childbirth Educator through ProDoula.  You can expect unbiased and evidence based preparation for your birth, if you attend my classes.

prodoula-certified-labor-badge         prodoula-chilbirth-educator

my philosophy as a doula…

I am passionate about birth. I am also passionate about serving others. I believe a birthing women is best served when she is supported unconditionally and free from judgment by those she chose to surround her. With that in mind, I feel my personal beliefs and preferences surrounding birth are irrelevant.

As your doula it is never about how or where I prefer to birth. What I would choose does not matter. This is your birth. When I am your doula, your ideal birth becomes my birth philosophy.

I will never judge you or make you feel guilty for your choices. I will never press my own ideas or bias on you. I refuse to get in the way of what is right for you and your family.

Birth is beautiful however it happens.  I would be honored to support you at your birth.

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