Please feel free to take advantage of these birth related resources.


Doula Information & Researchgetting ready for baby to come

Clincal Study on Doula Outcomes:

Research on birth topics:


Local Birth Centers

Bellingham Birth Center:

St. Joseph’s Hospital Childbirth Center:

Birthroot Midwives Birthcenter:

Mt. Vernon Birth Center

family uses safe sleep bed sharing practicesSupport Resources

Breastfeeding- Le Leche League:

Postpartum Mood Disorders:

Cesarean Awareness & Support:

Traumatic Birth:

Lactation Assistance & Well Women Care- Bellingham Center for Healthy Motherhood:

Safe Co-Sleeping Information- Infant Sleep Information Source


Looking for an amazing local birth photographer?  Check out Renee’s work at

Special thanks to Joshua Gray Photography at for many of the wesite images

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