Having A Planned C-Section?

Had a previous cesarean and feel that another is best for your family? Or perhaps medical reasons are preventing a vaginal birth? I am here to support you.

having a c-sectionI know this is an important decision and one that is not made lightly.  That is why I support both VBACs and planned cesareans.  Special circumstances require extra emotional support and prenatal planning. A doula is advantageous in such times.


Here are just some of ways I will support you:

At the prenatal appointment:

  • We create a birth plan that takes the mother’s birth experience into account
  • Anxiety is reduced as we go over the details of the c-section procedure so you know what to expect and can prepare mentally for the experience

At the birth:

  • I arrive at the hospital when do you. I am here to help support you and your partner from the start
  • I will provide continual support for you and your partner and do my best to reduce anxiety with emotional support and education
  • I take care of the little details of the day so you can relax and focus on this exciting day
  • If I am able to join you two in the OR I will be there to support you, take pictures, and stay with you if your partner needs to accompany your baby to the nursery
  • If in the OR I can help facilitate skin to skin
  • I will help you establish breastfeeding and bonding as soon as possible


  • I check in to make sure breastfeeding is going well
  • I am there to check in on recovery and see how you are adjusting to this new life change
  • I help keep you accountable to maintain proper rest and healing

Birth is beautiful, no matter how it happens. Let me help make this special day run smooth and be the best it can be.

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