Having an Epidural?

Doulas are not just for natural birth! Doulas work to make your birth with an epidural even more comfortable and productive.

having a baby at the hospitalWanting an epidural at your birth? The support a doula provides in births with planned pain management is immensely beneficial. I understand not everyone wants a natural birth. If you want an epidural you will never receive judgment from me. I support your birth choices because this is your birth experience.


Here are just some of the ways I will support you:

At prenatals:

  • We go over risk and benefits so you are fully informed and can feel confident in your decision making
  • Learn about the procedure so you can have less anxiety when it is administered as you will know exactly what to expect
  • I will help you create a comprehensive birth plan by exploring birth options and providing the research for the pros & cons of each.

At the birth:

  • I will help with laboring positions and physical comfort measures in early labor to help keep you as comfortable as possible
  • I assist you in keeping active in early labor for a more productive labor
  • I will help you assess  when is the right time to request the epidural
  • After it is in place I help with positioning in the bed. I know many positions that help open the pelvis as you rest.
  • While the nurses and doctors are attending to the other laboring women, I am by your side with continual emotional and physical support as the labor progresses
  • I support your partner too! I help them to coach you, and have realistic expections of the process.
  • If complications arise I help you ask the right questions so you can make the best decisions for your family
  • In the rare event the epidural does not work as it should, I will use physical comfort measures to help ease any breakthrough pain
  • So much anxiety comes from thinking “Is this normal?” I am here for you to answer any questions within my scope
  • When the baby arrives I can help with establishing breastfeeding and to maintain a peaceful environment for the new family

Having an epidural does not make it any less of a birth. Every type of birth benefits from the continued support that a doula provides. I would be thankful for the opportunity to make your birth experience as pleasant as possible.

For more detail see my blog titled:  Want An Epidural? Here Is Why You Want A Doula Too…

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