Having A Natural Birth?

Wanting to experience natural childbirth? Trying for a VBAC? Do you prefer to avoid pain medications and interventions unless medically necessary? A doula provides an advantage when birthing naturally.

Natural birth is an experience unlike any other. It requires extra preparation, education and physical endurance. Continual emotional support is essential.  I will walk with you and your partner throughout the whole process.


growing bellyHere are just some of the says I will support you:

At prenatal appointments:

  • If you have not already found a supportive care provider I can give recommendations or help you select one that is right for you.
  • We make a birth plan that will help create a favorable environment for this type of birth
  • I will teach you comfort measures to cope with early labor before you head to your birthing place
  • We establish realistic expectations for the birth process so you will have a better idea of what to expect

At the birth:

  • I will work with your partner to provide physical comfort measures to reduce pain
  • I support you emotionally during and in-between contractions
  • I will encourage you and keep you accountable to stay active for a more productive labor
  • I promote good communication between you and your providers so the birth team is all on the same page
  • I will help you ask the right questions to discover what really is medically necessary if interventions are suggested
  • My continuous presence helps keep your partner and care providers fresh so they can serve you to the best of their ability
  • When it is time to push I will be there to help get you in favorable and productive positions
  • After baby arrives I help establish breastfeeding and encourage immediate bonding.

Natural childbirth is a unique experience that in our generation not many women experience. I would be honored to assist in making this birthing choice a reality for you.

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