doula reviews and testimonialsAt such an intimate time in your life you deserve quality, personalized, professional care. There is no better way to know you will get it than by hearing the testimonials of those who have experienced it. 

Here is what families are saying about Molly’s doula services


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About Birth Support…

“Initially I had no plans to have a doula for my birth, but as delivery got closer I changed my mind. I am so glad I decided to have a doula!  Molly and I connected a right away. Plus my dogs loved her! She was available for me by phone or email if I needed her. Molly’s support during labor was so important to my birth success! She and {the other doula} helped to sift the baby into position with a rebozo when he wasn’t in the right place. She helped with positioning me and massage. I attribute my ability to make it through labor without pain medication to my doulas. They were there for the whole process and never ran out of ideas to help me labor as best as I could.  Molly is a fantastic support before, during, and after birth and I am so thankful she was there for me. I would love to have her at my next birth!”  


“Molly was such a wonderful addition to our birth team! In addition to being there on the day our son was born and supporting both myself and my husband, she was a great resource for me prior to labor when I had questions. Molly was so supportive when I deviated from my birth plan and chose to get an epidural and really made me feel comfortable and at ease with my decision. My husband and I both really appreciated having Molly and would hire her again!


“Molly was a wonderful doula during the birth of our daughter. She was highly knowledgeable and responsive before, during and after the birth process. She supplied us with a wealth of information about labor, birth, and what to expect postpartum. I appreciated her calm and gentle spirit during labor and her “roll with the punches” attitude. Molly is very easy to work with and I would absolutely recommend her services to any mom-to-be that would like a doula who is easy going and a fantastic resource for anything birth related.”


“We decided to get a doula and am so glad we did. Molly was informative and encouraging from the start. She was excellent at communicating in a timely manor and was professional yet comfortable. When labor started Molly was available and ready to support in any way. She brought her expertise in comforting me and encouraging my husband in ways to support me.  As the labor continued and changed, she never stopped being hands-on and encouraging me. We really would not have had the positive life-changing experience without Molly. Wouldn’t change it for the world.”


We had an awesome experience with Molly! We chose Molly as our doula because she has the calm and peaceful demeanor that we were looking for.  She was a great support to my husband and myself, offering moral and physical support.  We had an awesome, intense and very quick birth (4 hours) and we both greatly appreciated having her there for the extra support and encouragement.  Not only was she a great support to us but she helped where she could afterwards to clean up and get me lots of water and snacks so that I could feel human again too!  My husband and I were both grateful to have Molly at the birth of our daughter and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering having a doula for their labor and birth.


“She helped us decide if we were ready to head the hospital, then promptly met us there. She anticipated my needs and provided encouragement through out labor. We were on the fence about hiring a doula, after everything was over, very glad we hired her and had her there for prenatal & labor help.”


About Birth Plan Facilitating… 

“I had Molly come and help me with our birth plan for the upcoming birth of my second son. This was a great experience for me as it really gave me some time to ask as many questions as I needed and get clarification on what I would want it to look like.

Molly was super nice and had tons of resources and was able to help me with any questions I had. I highly recommend working with her.”  


[Molly] helped us look at all our options and prioritize our wishes for the birth of our baby boy.”


“She helped me make a streamlined birth plan in case of a hospital transfer.”


About The TENS Unit…

“I used the TENS unit to help ease the pain of the contractions. I went into labor (finally!) and used the TENS unit at home before I went to the birth center and then for a few hours once I arrived. I know it helped me labor at home for as long as possible.”

– Sara

“The TENS unit was a blessing! It was applied during early labor and helped to decrease the intensity of the contraction pain. The beginning and end of each contraction was not as severe when wearing the TENS unit and it helped me to retain energy in the early stages. I wore it throughout the labor and was extremely grateful I had it. I would definitely want it for my next pregnancy.”

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