The Doula: Perfect for Every Partner

A Doula Perfect for Every PartnerPartners come in all varieties. Most often it is the father of the child who will be the primary support person to the mother during labor, but it is also commonly a parent, a friend or significant other in her life.

No matter who her birth partner is, they can benefit from the support a doula provides.

In my experience there seems to be a few common personalities that partners tend to identify with surrounding pregnancy and birth. These are not all encompassing but I bet you can pick out one or two that fits.

The “I’ve got this” Partner

Their Strength: This person is confident in their skills to help the mother.

Their Struggle: They may overlook the benefits of additional support and the mother’s desire for it because they will be there and feel that is enough.

The Doula Solution: I know this partner will be a great support so I will never overstep their role. I help them rock their role even better by giving suggestions to accommodate each unique stage of labor. This helps them feel on top of whatever comes their way.

The Enthusiastic Partner

 Their Strength: This partner is excited for the birth and the vision they have for it.

Their Struggle: In an emotional situation, the resolve for their plan may waver.

The Doula Solution: I am able to be objective and steady in emotional situations. I will be by their side to give practical direction and guide them to support the mother effectively. We are a team through every step of the process.

The “I don’t want her to hurt” Partner

Their Strength:  They can’t wait to see her become a mom. Their loyalty and heart is comforting.

Their Struggle: When they see her in pain, they will just want to “fix” her.

The Doula Solution: I know birth and can give them realistic expectations. My knowledge and continual presence helps them feel safe. I will model and use comfort techniques to help mom cope with labor pain or emotional stress.

The Technical Partner

Their Strength: This partner actually paid attention in the birth class.  They are invested in their birth experience.

Their Struggle: They may over think the details and have a hard time attuning to a changing situation.

The Doula Solution: I am like a walking birth book. I am there always to give any information within my scope if there is something they are unfamiliar with or don’t understand. I help them ask the right questions to get the information they need to feel they are making the best decisions. I help them adapt to new situations. I am attuned to the mom’s changing needs and help guide the partner to support her where she’s at.

Whatever type of partner you might be, I am here to support you just how you need it.

Let’s work together give the birthing woman you care for the confident, compassionate and comprehensive care she deserves!


bellingham wa doulaAbout the author: Molly Seimears is a birth doula in Bellingham, WA. She lives in Whatcom County and is passionate about birth and serving families in her community.

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